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I remember it as if it were yesterday, and it aii started "accidentally"Mama, can you give me glass of... what are you xloing ?"aI discover I have to pretend not even know how to explainEmm..."nothing...I'm just trying to uncover this old drainage heheI canhelp you? You seem weirdhaha, not at all

Because there better^k you 'll play in your room^ I have many things to do before your father gets] back./Say no more, everythin is as it should be, and definitely do not have anything larger than before he understood [As you say Mother.Okay, if that would go to my room, but I insist that you

And when I was in my roomI can not stop thinking about mama's breastsSo you see I'm acting strange because my tits are bigger son. Do you love them? You want to touch them?I love mama...I want to touch them!Bart! Son... Your light is on, are you awake? Can I come in?I hope I can see her breats

And talk to your father, But he'll be so drunk that I doubt he will hear a word I'll say, and I owe you an explanation for what happened earlier, I think you're old enough to understandWhat happens is that fori some reason I feel unsure of myself, your father no longer looks at me or touch me, and

". and then I remembered that I wanted to make up for not having bought that game that you wanted so much. So I got bigger boobs and decided that you have something better to play with my love ...Really? Can I touch them?Of course, if love can see them, touch them and play with them. (Giggle)...And

Fuck ! I get carried away imagining things and I did not realize that my post was relocated very hard and I think mam already realized .f... And for that \ misunderstanding ' when I woke up frorr the anesthesia, and had this ... IWow. Look at the size of that monster.Ehh. Everything is fine Do not

It is open excited because of this, this is transparent nightgown slightly. There, I have hard nipples, seeing that large piece of meat has got me hotHomer wake up, I really want to catch Homer!Motherfucker ! You became so faint alcohol, I'm sick ! Do not blame me if I end up fucking someone

Haaa yes.He needed something between the legs . This plastic feels so good, you will feel like having a warm cock of this size in and out of my vagina. Fucking me hard? Hmm .%art would feel ^ delicious, it excites me to think that there is a cock so think and juicyso close.Haaa yes Bart! Stick it

The next morningNo safety inspection today Marge. I took Lisa to school. I'm off to Moes.But breakfast and4what about what we talked about last night?There is no time!Goodbye mom. Now give me my final project so I can be the first pupil in school. See you in the afternoon, love you ..Have you seen

Good morning mother. You look more beautiful and radiant than usual. How about breakfast?Breakfast is on the table. I need to go and take a shower.Wow. Her boobs, I just want to suck and play with them.He's staring at my tits(Giggle)Bart Simpson has everthing coldly calculated.Hurry Lisa, we're
Alone with him without planning it. I want his cock but I don't think I can have it. Hes looking at my ass.(Giggle)Just what I needed, Maggie crying. I've got to take Maggie to kindergarten, and just when I thought I'd have more time to myself.WOWWhat a great ass mom has. Homer is a lucky bastard,

Those looks get me hot, I would have stopped bathing me but I fear just be a passing fancy, I have to be careful or I could ruin our relationship forever. Sooner or later that cock must be between my legs . Haha that bitch I am.My little pervert, I was naked for the view. So I was the one who got

I think I left the stove onI have to check and make sure the kitchen isnt on fire.11, UlBABTm The stove is off!Wait a moment, 4 you were spying on meliTankzll,porn comics without translation,porn comics,,simpsons porn,r34,Marge Simpson,Bart Simpson

Bart ! Before you make up some stupid excuse save it! And have it out hardNo! Well, it's me. I was checking. Pipe. Water.Ha ha, yes. He was masturbating while watching me, I want to jump on his cock but it's not right. I'm his mother.Forgiveness!Mother will surely kill me.Need to think about

Thir> is too cruel! Mama ^^ r completely naked in me and 1 can ^ not see! If 1 open my eyes she will and make me regret can ^.-> not stand it!W I'm almost done, if you r open your eyes even a little will punish you for the rest of your lifeIf 1 can imagine her boobs while she guides ^^| L them

Can you think of something we can do together? I have some ideas!Mother! Your. Your... Nude!Almost naked son, would I be a bad mother if I let you see me naked?(Giggle) Lately you have seen me almost naked. And now you even spied on me . This is what you wanted right?Hahaha you are equally nervous

Perhaps you imagined playing with my new boobs ? You could do it, but you have to promise not to tell anyone, this has to be our secret.If you promise, you can take off your clothes and come and play with mom .I promise you!No more dildos, this big cock is all I need, nice, big, thick and hard,

MmmmhI didn't get breakfast but this cock is more delicious.Finally I have this exquisite taste in my mouth again, I almost forgot how much I like to savor a good hard cockMmmhGive me your breast, I'll suck it until you are satisfied.I can feel it at the back of my throat when I take it down deep.

Oh this is heaven! Yes!You do this well Bart! Do not stop.pussy, tastesdelicious.HaaaalHomer never made me feel like this, screw him. From now on I will only be your whore Bart!It tastes so good. I'm so hard I can't stand, I really want to fuck her.I love it! Youre driving me crazy!Bart I can't

Do not make me wait any longer! My pussy is hungry, please feed me your massive cock. Let me have every last inch.Just what I've wanted. A real cock to fuck me.I hope I do well, now V. hopefully I learned something from all those porno movies I've seenLet mom guide you, first time is always tricky

Your pussy is hot and slippy, it feels so good I don't want this to end. I want to forever fuck you.Push it in and out over and over again. Keep pushing hard so I get every last inch. Ahhh feels like heaven. Grab your mom!Ahhhh!For now we have a while. But when nobody's around or looking I will be

How about it love? Do you think your mothers ass is good?You have a perfect ass.Put your big strong dick and push it in right here.Haaa!The feel of your ass squeezing is the best feeling in the world!If you think it's perfect then the least I could do is let you fuck it.(Giggle)You have to. Ahhh.

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I will squeeze every last drop of your cum with my pussy./ Oh yeah. Let mom / take care of everything,1 it feels so good \ to ride your cock .Do Itl Fill me with your cuml I want to feel it dripping between my legs!Yes, but if you keep doing it that fast I'm going to cum .I'm going to cum!Yes!

7hats it Bart! You gav^ me the best fuck of my life, now let me catch my breath.In truth, can we do this whenever I want mom?Whenever you want my love! Just that no one can know, I will give you signs of when we have time to fuck. Keep these panties so you can remember the first time that you


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